Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yes Yes, finally a new post!  I know it's been forever!  First there was Odd Duck, and then looking for a new job and packing and moving!!  Life just got so busy!!!  

First things first, Odd Duck was totally amazing and and I thank everybody enough for the support!  My hubby helped me prep and was my super cute booth buddy!  Also, my best friend came over the night before and helped me finish the final prep work and baking.  It was awesome to experience a show with all my crafty friends in south Florida!  Once I find the cord to hook my camera up to the computer I will post pictures, I promise!  But until then you can just browse the pics on my friend Hollie's Blog here!

Secondly, we have moved!!  We moved out of our tiny one bedroom apartment in West Palm Beach and moved most of our stuff to a storage facility in Orlando while we are staying with our in-laws in Winter Haven, Fl which is about right in the middle of Florida.  We are staying here temporarily while we look for jobs.  Once we are employed we will be moving to Winter Park, FL which is a beautiful city just north of Downtown Orlando.  I can't wait to go adventuring in Winter Park/Orlando!  So much of the area is made up of beautiful old buildings and moss covered trees lining the streets.  If it wasn't for the heat, you might forget that you are in Florida!  The is even a "Little Vietnam" area with a Loving Hut! (that's a vegan "fast food" chain, for those of you who don't know).  There are so many more Vegan and Veg friendly places up here I can't wait to try!

Even though being currently unemployed wasn't my dream when moving up here, I have to say at the moment it is kind of nice.  I haven't been without a job in the past 6 years with only a few short vacations in between.  Waking up whenever I want in the morning and knowing I don't have to be anywhere all day is kind of a nice break.  But seriously, I do need a job so if you know of any in the Orlando area, please let me know.  I just had one interview yesterday with The Limited and will hopefully have another one soon with Ulta.  So wish me luck on those!!

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