Friday, February 25, 2011

Sneak peek of Odd Duck set-up.

Here are some "sneak-peek" pics of the stuff I bought from my last post:

Here is a picture of the Key Lime Pie cupcakes I made yesterday that I will be selling at Odd Duck.  I placed them on the cherry blossom platter that I talked about in the last post.

Hopefully next week I will be able to venture out and find linens!  Recipe testing is going well and my hubby LOVED the Key Lime Pie cupcake even though he doesn't like Key Lime Pie.Yesterday  I had lunch with Hollie, Amanda and Tiffany (with Ava, Tiffany's daughter!)  and brought along a few cupcakes for them to try and they seemed to enjoy them as well!  I think the next experiment will be Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thriftng/Home Goods adventure!

Today I was determined to go thrifting in search of awesome platters, stands and linens for my display for Odd Duck! I was thinking of posting pictures of some stuff I found, but I kind of want it to be a secret, so I'll just tell you about what I bought from each store.

First I went to the Goodwill closest to my apartment, the one on Military and Okeechobee.  I wasn't expecting to find much because their housewares were low and pretty disorganized.  Every time I go to that one it seems like there are trying to reorganize the store. Luckily I found a floral rimmed plate that was the look I was going for.  I also found a pink stand that I'm assuming is meant to be a locker stand, but I'm going to put a plate on top of it to house sweets!  Also got another pink stand that seems like it's made for a big candle or vase, but it's getting a pretty plate put on top of it too!

Next I wanted to go to the Salvation Army, but I guess they were closed for Presidents Day, so I went onward to my next destination: the Goodwill on Dixie in West Palm Beach.  First I had to stop and browse the dresses because they always have fabulous one's there for some reason.  I did find a lot of cute dresses, but none of them were in my size.  So I went looking in the housewares and I didn't find much except for this pretty solid colored plate that was the hue of blue I was looking for.  I browsed the linens, but didn't see anything I wanted, and as I turned around I faced the toy aisle and found 3 Star Wars toys staring back at me!!  Two were some slightly used Tuscan Raiders, but the other was a never been played with Ponda Baba (barbie sized) still in the box!  The box was slightly messed up but I didn't care because I'm just going to play with him anyways.  There was a price sticker on him from Tate's which is my favorite comic/toy store! So I pretty much got him for half the price Tate's was selling him for! I think the best part is his detachable arm!  As I was checking out I saw, in the jewelry display case, one of the My Melody watches that McDonald's was giving away with Happy Meals a few months back.  It was 39 cents, so I had to buy that too!

After Goodwill I ventured to World Thrift which is on Dixie right on the border of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.  This place was PACKED with people, I'm guessing because there was no school today.  Once again, HAD to browse the dresses, but didn't see anything I liked.  In housewares, there was a bunch of cute things but most of them I didn't really need.  I saw cute canisters in the shape of cup cakes (a whole set!!) and a Pyrex piece that reminded me of my friend Sherry.  I did buy 3 pieces there though.  One was a rectangular small platter with a cherry blossom design! (If you don't know, Cherry Blossoms are pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world!).  The other two were another floral type plate and a pink glass round dessert tray with a handle sticking up from the middle.  The dessert tray cost a little more than I was looking to spend at a thrift store, but I really loved it so I bought it anyway.

I couldn't forget to stop at Home Goods, because even though it's not a thrift store, they have amazing things for decent enough prices, so I headed west to the one in Royal Palm Beach.  This was a VERY fancy Home Goods!  If you walked through the security towers and they went off, instead of loud beeping, a recorded voice nicely asks you to come back into the store because there might be a security tag on your items.  Can you believe that!!??!!  I guess Wellington peeps don't like to be accused of stealing, haha!  Also, at the front of the line there was screen that told you (also in a recorded voice) which register was available next.  I've never seen anything like it!

But back to the shopping!  At Home goods I found 3 really amazing pieces that I absolutely love!  One was a blue multi-tiered dessert stand! I also found a blue tint glass cake stand and one more pretty flowered plate, but this one is a square shape and pretty big.  The two stands were splurges for me ($12.99 each) but I was in love with them so I bought them anyways.  I also found a pretty Cherry Blossom candle on clearance for half off!

I think I have enough housing units for my baked goods now!  I still haven't found the proper linens I would like, but I know if I keep looking I will find them.  Even if I have to go to Target or something and buy them new.  I can't wait until I put together my practice display and maybe I will take some sneak peek photos then!

Friday, February 18, 2011

New and exciting things!

It's been a while since I have posted, but you should be expecting more posts more frequently(if anybody even reads this)!  I want to start off by announcing I have been accepted to Odd Duck Indie Craft Fair on April 9th as a food vendor!!  You can check out the website here and the Facebook event here!  It's put on by the ladies in the Hollywood Craft Mafia.  I will be selling my delicious Vegan Sweets and perhaps some savory items as well.  I chose the name Be Kind, Eat  Sweets!  I thought it was pretty cute!

My super crafty friends (sounds like a super hero team!) encouraged me to apply and as soon as I did the wheels in my head started turning!  I'm planning on making some super awesome and delectable treats and I can't wait to see all my fabulous friends vending as well!  You should check out some of the amazing stuff they make! I have such talented friends!

Hollie makes amazing accessories and art and has a wonderful blog!  Check it out,!

Tiffany  is super talented and makes the cutest jewelry and charms out of polymer clay!

Amy is super sweet and always lets us have crafty days at her super cute apartment!  She creates the best paintings that any girl would love to have!

Amanda ALWAYS has me in tears, laughing so hard!  She just manages to say the funniest things and make light of any situation.  She sells vintage items and makes a few items using vintage materials.  She also puts on a super cool indie craft fair called Indie Craft Bazaar a few times year!

I am truly blessed to have met such amazing girls!  Most of them will be vending at Odd Duck also as well as many other talented artists and crafters!  Stay tuned for more posts from me as we get closer to April 9th.  I will posting my experiences with recipe testing and posting pictures!  Probably going to revamp the look of my blog as well and make a facebook page fro my newly founded business.  I will keep you posted!!