Friday, February 18, 2011

New and exciting things!

It's been a while since I have posted, but you should be expecting more posts more frequently(if anybody even reads this)!  I want to start off by announcing I have been accepted to Odd Duck Indie Craft Fair on April 9th as a food vendor!!  You can check out the website here and the Facebook event here!  It's put on by the ladies in the Hollywood Craft Mafia.  I will be selling my delicious Vegan Sweets and perhaps some savory items as well.  I chose the name Be Kind, Eat  Sweets!  I thought it was pretty cute!

My super crafty friends (sounds like a super hero team!) encouraged me to apply and as soon as I did the wheels in my head started turning!  I'm planning on making some super awesome and delectable treats and I can't wait to see all my fabulous friends vending as well!  You should check out some of the amazing stuff they make! I have such talented friends!

Hollie makes amazing accessories and art and has a wonderful blog!  Check it out,!

Tiffany  is super talented and makes the cutest jewelry and charms out of polymer clay!

Amy is super sweet and always lets us have crafty days at her super cute apartment!  She creates the best paintings that any girl would love to have!

Amanda ALWAYS has me in tears, laughing so hard!  She just manages to say the funniest things and make light of any situation.  She sells vintage items and makes a few items using vintage materials.  She also puts on a super cool indie craft fair called Indie Craft Bazaar a few times year!

I am truly blessed to have met such amazing girls!  Most of them will be vending at Odd Duck also as well as many other talented artists and crafters!  Stay tuned for more posts from me as we get closer to April 9th.  I will posting my experiences with recipe testing and posting pictures!  Probably going to revamp the look of my blog as well and make a facebook page fro my newly founded business.  I will keep you posted!! 

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